Friday, 21 September 2012

Bee Blocks For September :))

i have been a busy bee making blocks for Maria miss september ,we are sending out 3 fqs and you can make one and send the fabric back with the block or make more blocks 3 fqs seems to be good for 3 blocks finishing (not always ) at 12 1/2 inches the siggy is a first for me also as you can see the stamping too hope by the time i have done a few more i will get the hang of it !!!

looks like i am going back to front these blocks are for Amanda miss august

this is a trial stamp  i still have to do this siggy

i am having my turn in march been looking on pink castle and have seen a bundle that i like will have to buy 3 of them Brenda said she would help :))) good job i dont know how i would choose from all that fabric and get it right Blue Light Special - Blogger Bundle by Brenda from Just A Bit Frayedi am thinking instead of beige i might like yellows not bright though this is the one i like so far could change !!!!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

I Am Back But MISERABLE !!!!!

Well this is some of the post while i was away ......................these are from Ann
i won these with my comment about Shakespears Complete Works  !!!!
too good for the vomit quilt :))))

this stackette are from Maria we are in the together with 10 others of course and these are for september go over and take a look !!!

ummmm i just happened to go on to M is for Make and was tempted i am sure i will find something for them 

this from Amazon as i keep cutting chunks out of my plastic one with the cutter so thought this might be better !!!!
Then lastly why the misery !!!!! one guess ......................................while i was fighting my way home  Mouthy Stitches 2 started  if we had not been held up in passport control took us over an hour to get through then ......................................we have a bag that is on a trip of its own so 2 1/2 hours later we got out....................................... to find when i plugged in it had came and gone without me :(((((((

maybe i will just make a tote all for me !!

i managed to miss my bloggy birthday while gone so i am thinking of having a bit of a giveaway
dont know what yet !!!

talk soon Linda x x x 
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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

got nothing to show you ...............but



Her husband David

mine David



Mag and Dave

looks like Bankies chimps

a view 

Henry the Navigator

glass balls



going to the sea 

a Rotel never seen anything like it before  oh no i could not sleep in that thing !!!!

Beautiful blue sky :))))

Brownish feet 

Boat coming in to the Marina
we have been on the local bus to Lagos (lagosh)
cannot believe how quick it has gone will be home on sat to see if the sewing machine is still talking to me 
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