Monday, 27 January 2014

Hello any one out there !!!

Hello every body we are so glad to see the back of 2013 think it was the worst year ever so i am now hoping that after all our trials and tribulations i can get back to a some what normal life (that means lots of sewing )
We moved at the end of 2012 and then again in may 2013 i have now got a "sewing room" read guest bedroom so i can keep all my stuff together without having  to keep putting it away all the time .
Just before Christmas i had a package arrive what a puzzle ,it was from Amy i had forgotten that i had a pay it forward coming it was a lovely bright spot before Christmas !!! it is the most gorgeous note book with some hand stitching too so if any one would like a little something i will be doing it for the first three who comment !!!
Note Book from Amy how gorgeous is this !!

Inside and with a Moo card too love it 

Back and front lovely thank you Amy you did a great job !!

I have made this Sewing Caddy for my partner in the sewing room swap

During the summer i was Swooning it is now layered up ready to quilt  it is huge  !!!
but i love it 

these are trial blocks made when i started quilting was fed up of seeing them in my stuff
so i put it together and gave it to my Brother for Christmas !! result he loves it 

these are scrappy blocks that i have now sewn together and it looks really good will show you next time !!
thank you for visiting i know i have not been on her but i have kept up with blog reading it has helped to keep me sane so thanks again for all the words and photos posted i have enjoyed every single one
come on let me make you some thing
Linda x