Tuesday, 22 May 2012

just a few photos :)) and toothache :((((

hello i have got toothache it started yesterday and i have been to see the dentist today i have a infection under a tooth that has been filled and filled over the years  so i am on anti biotics and pain killers that are not working and i will be having a root filling when it is all cleared up cant wait :)))

these are some of my fabric bundles that i have been buying above are linen type and some lovely lace trim.

some british fabric

some cute stuff 
crocheted jar cover 

hexies a portable project for me .

a pin 

cute bowl

and again

and a basket
just trying a few things that would be good as gifts

going to go and take something for the pain and try get some sleep
talk soon :))))
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Monday, 21 May 2012

i am back !!!! (any one notice i was missing )

well didnt think i would be away so long had a rotten few weeks and have had a few days away last week and am feeling more like :)))
just to say nothing wrong with me but my ex husband died and it really rocked me ......................thought he would always be there his daughter had died 6 weeks before him too so it has been quite sad .Ben (my eldest boy ) has been over in italy sorting things out with his sister he is going back to moscow on the 28th his girlfriend went home last week i think he will glad to go back for a rest .

i i
anyhow we took a few days off and went to near hartlepool  mon to fri and apart from the rain most days we had a good time .
went to whitby and up  the 199 steps to the abbey  http://www.whitby.co.uk/

one of the days we went to high force waterfall http://www.rabycastle.com/High_Force_Waterfall

this is the walk to it 

one of the flowers ,

the waterfall

the pool in front of it  

Raby Castle from the warmth of the car you can see a few rain spots

wild garlic the smell is all over .

river tees

little milly my brothers pup we met her too for the first time :))))

i have been keeping up with blog reading and buying fabric so will do some pics for the next post
thanks for reading if you got this far !!! talk soon
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