Monday, 10 February 2014

Swooning and Baking

Hello Every One
I had a gorgeous parcel from my good friend Cindy it was her Pay It Forward that again i had forgotten about how i like all these suprises coming along so you know the deal the first 3 comments will get a little something from me !! wait till you see my stuff from Cindy :))))
Swoon was layered up last week at our sewing group so i started quilting after a lot of thought went with a swirl from the middle boy that quilt is huge i do not know how many spools i have used but my reel held out for me ...phew !!!
On this blog i found a recipe that turned bread making on its head Lucy has put a link in to the recipe she adapted so for US peeps you dont have to scratch your heads over it !! it is delish and soo easy go on try it you will be amamazed how good it is
sat is our sit and sew looking forward to it we have some super talented quilty ladies that go and we always have a good day also a pop up shop well who can resist that even if you dont want anything !!! hard to believe that one .
Swoon yesterday not quite finished 

Artisan Bread 

Gorgeous scrap basket from Cindy