Friday, 27 July 2012

i spy charm swap :))

jennifer at is having a charm swap again go take a look and join it will be fun and she will cut all your charms for you if you want !! this gives you all the links ........................see you there !!
this is the fabric i have chosen :)))

hope they like it !!!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Flowers In Mums Garden

just a few pics of the plants we have transported down to england

and they are doing very well i think they are enjoying the extra warmth
they are getting threre :)))

i love yellow roses so 2 pics of them !¬!

dont know what this is but it has a nice purply colour :)))

and then pip snuggled on the duvet :))))
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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

What is it with half square triangles !!!!!

they just seem to want to do there own thing and you do not notice until it is all sewed up ..............................grrrr :)))
i thought i would give a constellation a go as in this one from Hadley (lovely post by the way if you have not seen it )
i have quite a few charms from 3 swaps i was in so that is what i used the block ended up almost 24 inches  ,but look  what they did to me ,i am not going to change it and will make it into a large cushion for himself to park his bum on :))))))

this is my first shot at this type of key fob really great to make and look good to i can see quite a few being made .

this is it till next week taking the machine to mum to do curtains and will come home for a rest !!! see you then x x x x
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Monday, 16 July 2012

I Have Gone Coastal (well phoebe has )

This is Phoebe found here
love this bag so quick to put together,if you want a bag for tomorrow well this is it ,any how i had this 1/2 yard of going coastal for ages i bought it at not a clue what i was going to make just loved the fabric now it is ready for me going coastal in Portugal on the 18th august

i made the strap wider so i could get the bottle tops in and not in half !!!

the inside ,think i am liking it :))))

the outside.

my little zippy wallet found here i am sure you know anna has some good tutorials .


and by the way i forgot to put the tab on the wallet :)))

Purple Phoebe made for my friend Lynda it is he birthday in august so i am going to get a few thing and fill it for her ..................she loves purple .

and this is my new lens from Ben that  i got for my birthday sooooooooooo pleased with it :)))
thank you Ben x x x x 

we are going down to mums(thursday morning) for more sorting out the carpets have been fitted so we can open boxes and all that sort of stuff ................we are also having a trip to ikea.............." yay" love ikea
to buy some sort of storage for a large cupboard that she has .
going to take the dogs out now before we have another deluge :((((
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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Quilt Museum (and some stuff that came while i was away :)))............)

Quilt Museum .
was really good if you want to see tiny hexies go there finished size 1/4 of an inch the quilt was on a dolls be the length was 11 inches by about 7( i think) it was incredible to see they have a lot of good stuff to look at david did not want to go in so i didnt spend as much time as i would have liked in there  (next time no husband )

of course they have a shop :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
 so these managed to jump in my bag they are from japan are 100% cotton and are gorgeous if you can zoom in you will see the gold on them .

Post that arrived !!! these i have never made a frame purse but i think i will use some of the new fabric for them i would have liked to join the swap but didnt want to commit then come up with a crap offering !!!
i went on to for the stuff below so i have a few things to be getting on with ...................forgot the glue  and the middle thing is a invisible magnet for a bag

the weather here is crap very dull but not raining at the mo so maybe i will get out and pull some weeds later ,when we got back the lawn was like a hay meadow ready to be cut !!!
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