Tuesday, 29 November 2011

cakes and piecing :))

the top pic of course is the christmas cakes ready to wrap i will be "feeding" them up to christmas (that is brushing with more booze)
the next two are my newest paper pieced blocks starry night that can be moved about to make all sorts of patterns almost made it in to a hexagon ,the next is circle of geese i love that pattern but i find it quite wasteful with fabric as you can see i ran out of the blue so improvised with the green  looks ok odd but ok will have to do it right at some point.
i am still waiting for my christmas table runner to arrive ,mine has arrived in sweden and karin loves it ............so glad about that and i made it long for her table too think she has the longest table of any of us but she did say it would be ok shorter but i had the fabric and time !! so went for it .

the weather here today is just awful it has not stopped raining it seems all day :((

getting late better get to bed i think 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

christmas cake

this is the start of christmas when you get going with the baking !!!the cakes are in the oven i have gone with delias classic christmas cake and instead of doing round or square with icing i have used loaf tins .............this is how we used to have christmas cake in yorkshire when i was growing up no icing or marzipan so i am going "retro" much better to slice too ...............not that i have done it for a while .

i will be back later when they are cooked !!!

Friday, 18 November 2011

do you like my plates !!!

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 well hello i have not been away but have had a busy time ,it started with a bed skirt !!(valance)i was looking at the ikea website to see what time they opened and saw a link "how to" that was my downfall we went to ikea bought fabric and ended up with said bedskirt + lined curtains and a duvet cover and pillows all these for my mum she loves them and i am pleased how it all turned out too

i have made more pillows for the bed but after i took the pics !!

i have been trying to get the link for the plates but have ended up with a separate post  just look at it for a bit of quick crafting ,i used pva glue bought at hobby craft and it worked well :))

tomorrow in lanark we are having a christmas market all thing christmas for sale i am hoping for nice ish weather but wont hold my breath on that score :)) will try get some pics .

i am waiting for my friend lynda to come home !!!......................she has been back (home )to the states to get her visa sorted out and she has ,but  has been taxed with bringing back a load of fabric for me !!!will have all that to show you soon!! i met her last new year when she was over visiting her then boyfreind they married in april.i have tried to help her settle in :))

talk soon :))
p.s have posted off my table runner today hope she likes it !!

Make Cute Holiday Fabric Plates Using Mod Podge!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

november already

my how time passes and so quick sometimes feels like we are always on the run up to christmas :))

well what have i been doing as you know me and mum went off for a few days to southport never got in to the quilting shop there that was a pity but i did find a fab shop in chester so i managed to buy my fabric for the table runner after lots of tries i finally decided on a ohio star that i had never made before ...................but it has worked out great  the colours are red green and cream the green is what i would call harrods green if you have been to london you will no doubt have been there and seen their bags (plastic ones) it is all wrapped up and ready to send to ...................................did you think i was going to tell you who !!!the birds are going in the parcel too ,was going to do felt hearts but i had scrps of christmas fabric and they just take scaps to make and are so easy peasy ww.spoolsewing.com/blog/2008/05/16/bird-mobile/

i have also been busy sewing cushions for christmas !! some of the blocks made for the runner i didnt use also my practice blocks have made fab cushions or pillows depending on where you live :)))as you can see in the top photo it was supposed to be down here but it had a mind of its own and went in up top :((
the deer was found herehttp://www.sewhomegrown.com/2010/11/diy-anthropologie-inspired-blooming.html
and again that is a doddle to make and looks impressive .
almost midnight and i promised myself not to get too engrossed in the computer tonight well i am off will show you some more pics of cushions next time hope not to bore you :))