Saturday, 15 October 2011

an update on my piecing

i have been busy sewing this past few days learning how to piece with Leila at sewn so let me show you what i have been up to !!

sorry there are so many but i just keep going with them i am loving the star of virginia well i am liking all of them i have just done a flying geese it is amazing how they do it .
susan if you are reading this did you see some of your "uglies" in the top pic they are looking good :))

tomorrow i will be getting ready to go away for mon to fri with my mum we will be sight seeing maybe going to liverpool definately going to chester think we will pop into ikea at warrington  i like ikea :)) think i am sad !!
we are going to blackpool and taking a friend out to lunch and think we will be doing a bit of christmas shopping  my brother and his wife are coming up to mum at the end of the month and as we dont see them at christmas we have christmas in october :))so we need to get some pressies for them !!

i am not taking the laptop so wont be back on line till friday night  so see you then !!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Time to start my piecing education :(((

I have found this blog i dont know how i came across it and if i dont bookmark well i would never get there again :)) but thats me !!

made a start on this one 

can you spot the deliberate :))) !!!mistake 
and i thought i had done it so well just shy of 12.5 on one side ,back to try it again if i cant do a log cabin what am i going to be like on stars !!!,
the second photo was my first attempt with pin wheels as you can see i need to concentrate a bit more i just used charm squares that i didnt like that came in a pack.

I also had a go at the house block thinking about the table runner swap i am in with susan

still not sure what i am going to do good job we have plenty of time thanks susan !!
i will put the house on when i upload to the computer !!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

trouble is no place to buy fabric !!

unless you drive 4o miles to get to edinburgh or glasgow a bit more to ayr and guys these are one way !! so what do you do send for stuff on line well thats fine but the colours are always not quite right.

i am going to southport in lancashire on the 17th for 4 nights and have just found what looks like a good quilters shop yay for me so it looks like i will be able to get something for my table runner there !!.back on the 21st gives me a month before i post it off :)) .
i have been stalking my partner so am getting an idea but then she said she would love anything made with her in mind that is sweet of her .

it is a horrible day here today drizzle and cold .though they had snow in the north of scotland this week in the cairngorms good for the skiers :))
dont panic this was taken in 2009 !!

wont be long before we see these dear little chaps popping about hope not with the snow like this pic :)))
i have got a pot on with chicken and i have just put i  some carrots leek onions so it looks like a chicken ish soup instead of chicken and salad my original meal for tonight .

just want to say thank you i now have 7 followers i hope i can find something interesting for you to follow !!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

look at the goodies received today :)))))

 these are from cindy thank you very much ,very unexpected,i know now the fluffy sheep cindy had a moment of madness and i ended up with 3 goodie packs,i was worried that some one was only getting one goodie but cindy had it all in hand and everyone got there goodies .................phew :))
 vanilla spiced chai tea very nice:))
 i have been wanting a needlecase every time i saw one on flickr i said i want one and finally yesterday i said i was going to make my own dont have to now :))cindy put in a cute butterfly pin that is difficult to see on here believe me it is cute :))

zippy purse with little outer pockets as you can see my phone fits so that will be going places with me it will be  very useful.
i have been practicing for the forthcoming
just really to see how things look i think i will have a few mug rugs ready for gifts :)) think it will go ok just a bit nervous about it :))

last thank you to cindy :))

i just found out if you click on the photo it gets bigger go take a look at the butterfly !!!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

susans giveaway

susan at is having a super duper giveaway some fat quarters of punctuation they are looking very tastie
good luck to everyone

i am just trying out posting by e-mail so i have added a photo of a box of birds that i have been making with scraps of fabric :)) they are quite cute.

new look to a new blog !!!!

this is just to say i have a work in progress at the moment :)) looks like i need to do a lot of down loading an fiddling with photos to get a good header !! we will see .

looking at the t.v the weather down south is gorgeous we have dull, drizzle and totally miserable looking.
must have a photo in............ i made a new dog bed and here is pip trying it out :))

i bought a fleece from dunelm the other day worked well .

today i was sorting out my sewing space :(( as space is all i can call it we have a living room diner so i am a bit cramped.but you know what it is like it seems to get a life of its own and then i have to strangle it back in to containers and baskets .

i bought earlier in the year 2 sets of plastic drawers from "in style" (no they are not )but they have 4 drawers each and i put my laptop on the top so i have an office space too :)))
they are quite usefull till they get full !!
right thats me for now will try to get the new look sorted to night when we have nothing to watch on the telly !!