Thursday, 4 April 2013

At Last !!!!!

frame purse
I did know i could do it !!! but it has taken me ages and a couple of boobs so last night i drafted the pattern like Emily in her tute and i read and read the tute and had a go !!
lining of frame purse
i have still got 2 more frames so you can expect to see more but i am really pleased i bought the frames from a shop on  Etsy and they are lovely.
rainbow swap orange
Paper Clips for the Fluffy Sheep Swap Cindy is hosting it and we have some gorgeous fabrics going on there 
quilt group fabric
These are for  Quilting group that i am going to next wednesday we are going to be making a Storm at Sea  quilt or runner if you want i am doing a quilt i have Bubble Shells in Aqua and  meringue,robins egg and light grey in Kona Solids  and they go together so well .
ikea fabric bag and zippy wallet
was at a loose end so thought i would make a bag Here and the zippy to go with it Here  also i did this Go Anywhere Bag too
runaround bag 
sewing caddy
Bit of a baggy fest i needed a sewing caddy ...............really i did and this fabric was sat waiting for me so i found the pattern Here I did not follow the pattern to the last dot instead of pockets inside i put them all on the outside then i feel i have more room inside !!
paper piecing
more pp needs a press
apron As you  might know i am in a Apron Swap Here if you want to go and look !! and this is for my partner  hope she likes it 
table runner
scappy table runner from some of the blocks i was doing a few weeks ago !!
see you soon Linda
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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

New to Me !! March

soap making
Not great pics but  well i will blame the light at this time of year!!
i have been making soaps ........not with great vats of boiling stull just melt and pour i bought all my tuff from ebay and that was it follow the instuction and marvell how many you get out of a quarter of your  block 
soap making
some lovely cellophane bags a bit of ribbon and they look fab ......................thinking of small things for christmas....................i am linking this up tt Fiona
paper piecing boot
Paper Piecing again this can be found Here in Tutorials it is tricky but well worth it you ask why is she doing all these !!,.................probably  not ............FMQ practice so i have something at the end
and it is working !! 
rpaper pieced seam ripper
these two found
they are free for the month they are published then they go on to be sold on Craftsy 9 altogether i missed the first so will buy that to finish off the set .
paper pieced cotton reels .....spools
Now this i put together wrong the red should be leaning on the yellow not fliying and the strip of spots should be background !! hey ho didnt notice till i had bound it .............oh dear :))
paper pieced new york beauty for a swap
This is the so far of my MSMS3 swap i dont know if it will be a wall hanging or pillow cover yet 
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Friday, 22 March 2013


just to say i am going along with a lot of you to Bloglovin !!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Lots of Paper Piecing

carols block just a quick post this has been sitting over a week to be posted these blocks are for Carol
i can say they were tricky to do :)))
as you can see from this one it looks like i have nibbled it ...............and it really p  ed me off big time but i got over it .................just :))
These are solids for one of my  Swaps 
quilt -day block
This was made for the International Quilting Day that i went to we had to make blocks in white black and lime green weeeell green is not a colour i have in abundance and i found a bit just enough for the star points so that was it made i must have got the green from a swap when we get a fat quarter of scraps !!
Any how i was asked to pattern test this woollie for Rumi i had three attempt at it before i was happy with it 
have not got a pic of the good one though !!
paper -pieced -bird
On a whim i thought i would do this wow how i love it  i found it via Maria Here if you all want to have a go !!  i think the feet are the worst bit
i will let you know all about our International Quilting Day next time
Linda x
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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Little Bit Of Fabric

fabric pack cools
I ordered these from Brenda i have no greens ...............i am not a green lover but sometimes you need it !!
brown black beige fabrics
no brown either  these are fat 8th bundle
black and white fabrics
These i picked up on ebay from Pippa she has some cute fabrics go and have a look :))) and has a very swift  delivery :)))
star bee blocks
Fabric cut for Carol March is her month in the Star Bee 
mumug rug cuppa
Little bit of paper piecing............i sent this to my friend Lynda with a couple of tea bags and some twix we always had tea together when i was in Scotland and we miss our tea times :(((( the pattern for this is from Rumi Here

Elna Sewing Machine
This is the newby and i am loving using it  you might have seen it in the last post but i thought i would show again ............i still have not read all of the instruction book it is huge !!

Cute stitches

I forgot to seperate the letters of my name 
spring flowers
Another shot of the flowers in the kitchen getting a bit crowded on there as they go over i am repotting and hope i can keep them to flower next year outside !!
planter flowers christmas
These are out at Mums Lynda sent them to her for Christmas and they are really lovely

do you want to be in  swap !!!!! get over to see Fiona and Sam

it is a Apron  and Recipe and i think it will be a lot of fun come on sign up :)))

Linda x

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Friday, 1 March 2013


Well i was going to tell you all about my new sewing machine but i got all involved in scrapping i saw this post and i just got going !!
These 3 are the first that i made .....................i use printing paper not fancy pants stuff that costs !! just use a small stitch so it tears easy ,these are sewn together  

Now these below are made in the same way but i used one sheet of paper for  4 blocks quick and easy to do
the  Quality St is empty by the way :)))))

dont you think they are cute

I have made 16 today !!!

and busted a lot of scraps :)))

so it is a w.i.p and hopefully one day it might be a quilt .............for free !! now that i like :))

I have been wanting one of these ,do you see that i have put the bit round the rim on the out side instead of the inside ...............i dont seem to be able to read the pattern started putting it in the right place thought it was wrong then re-read after !!and it should be inside oh well looks ok this is the pattern Here

By the way this is the new machine and so far i love it ,love the thread cutter it is great not having all those threads when paper piecing it has got loads of fancy stuff good size throat 9 1/2 inchesi have been using it just over a week so lots to learn yet and will let you know what i like or dont like soon but so far all good i read loads of reviews till my eyes crossed for all manner of machine it is not easy to is quiet too

linda x
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Friday, 8 February 2013

Any Suggestions !!!!!!

Hello every one ,i bought the charm packs in the sales as you do now i wonder if anyone could suggest a for a christmas quilt  i did think wonky stars !!  i want to show case the fabrics as they are so cute .

these are my blocks for me this month the one on the left is jan lucky stars BOM i will show you the blocks as they come in they are looking good on flickr Here

Think loads are doing these pouches you need to read and read again i must admit i almost didnt do it but i will make it bigger next time as you can see the grey zip is a little wonky i also want to say that i have used my fabrics form Cindy and Sarah .

the walking foot i got because mine has not got a hole for a guide  hope it works ok !!
Started looking for a new machine i want something to sew through thick layers or seams mine struggles over lots of seams when i have done paper piecing  we seem to sew on the spot quite a bit this is the machine i am thinking about Here i have found a Janome Horizon 7700 ex demo at a really good price too but ...........can i afford it !! i have been reading reviews for both until my mind is boggling

12 inch zips from zipit ..........ordered and were here in less than a week fab i intend to use some of them for my bigger triple .
Next weekend i am going to a Sit and Sew with the Yorkshire Modern Quilt Guild just waiting to find out what to bring sounds like fun ,then i have booked to do a day working on half square triangles you end up with a runner at the end looking forward to it will be nice to meet fairly local sewy people and have a good natter will let you know how it is !!!

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