Monday, 26 December 2011

christmas eve piccies

this is merry main st arrived today didnt want it for this year but now i can use it for next i think it is lovely but from what cindy said it is a old fabric 2009

these are oreo truffles they are soooo nice very rich ,i coated some in chopped nuts

found these santa hats at poundland :)))

and this was me being a bit artistic  with some of the cards !!

i hope you all had a very merry christmas and have a wonderful new year !!Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

been busy !!

well it is almost christmas ..............hope you are ready i just have a few things to do wrapping and stuff like that  this santa i have carted about for years so i burned him up last night he lasted about an hour,he was looking a bit bashed !!

this is a gift in a jar foundhere i have made it for davids cousin she bakes quite a bit,the jar is a large morrisons coffer jar think i will be saving them over the next few months then i can make more for next week it should have been just choc chio cookies but i didnt have enough so i put in fudge pieces :))) made and printed up the lable and instuctions !!

this is how santa should look ..............putting a little HO HO HO INTO christmas!!

looking though some of my cook books this fell outi was given it when we lived in London by an american gal who lived near us i googled it yesterday and i was amazed that there are so many variations loving the sound of brownie and the pecan versions (click the pic to see it better )

just needed i little colour pushed a few fairy lights in a vase it looks very good and festive

me and mum are going shopping in the morning for a last round up of things i suppose we will buy more than we need !! depending !!Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

new in today !!!

these are some of the fabrics brought home for me from the u.s.a by my friend lynda she has been home to sort out her visa for here as she has married a scot and wants to make her home here any how she has got her visa she was telling me today right across the passport is "no access to public funds " she has now to get a N.I number and she can then register with the doctor .she is so pleased to be back and all legal :)).............well back to the main event i ordered these from i think it was a stash builder not incuding  the hometown .

these are from pleasanthome have you been to jodies blog these were in her sale dont know what i am going to do with them yet !!

these are pink castle again christmas but not christmas fabrics

and another selection they are all gorgeous the white one on the right has white printing on it  and is really lovely,and then the ruler think it will come in handy for fussy cuts seeing as i am not really up to cutting that good :))

i also have a selection of autumn and christmas fabrics  too all in hancocks sale love it.

think i have done really well hope she asks me again is there anything you want me to bring you back !!
one more thing a huge roll of reynolds freezer paper too

lucky me "thank you" lynda !!
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Sunday, 4 December 2011

quiltie things

                            i have been sewing these blocks on and off over the summer then i signed up for the mug rug swap also the christmas table runner so it got put on hold till thursday when i put it together and quilted it ...........managed to get it bound friday it has really turned out well nothing fancy but i am pleased with the random colours love it i made it from here                                                           

this is my table runner from denise in florida looks good on my table :))

and this is our snow this morning we have had more since then and it is freezing now so will still be with us tomorrow and more forcast

have not done any sewing today but have been doing a lot of sorting out for christmas making space ond moving things around also cleaning gotta be done :((

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

cakes and piecing :))

the top pic of course is the christmas cakes ready to wrap i will be "feeding" them up to christmas (that is brushing with more booze)
the next two are my newest paper pieced blocks starry night that can be moved about to make all sorts of patterns almost made it in to a hexagon ,the next is circle of geese i love that pattern but i find it quite wasteful with fabric as you can see i ran out of the blue so improvised with the green  looks ok odd but ok will have to do it right at some point.
i am still waiting for my christmas table runner to arrive ,mine has arrived in sweden and karin loves it glad about that and i made it long for her table too think she has the longest table of any of us but she did say it would be ok shorter but i had the fabric and time !! so went for it .

the weather here today is just awful it has not stopped raining it seems all day :((

getting late better get to bed i think 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

christmas cake

this is the start of christmas when you get going with the baking !!!the cakes are in the oven i have gone with delias classic christmas cake and instead of doing round or square with icing i have used loaf tins .............this is how we used to have christmas cake in yorkshire when i was growing up no icing or marzipan so i am going "retro" much better to slice too ...............not that i have done it for a while .

i will be back later when they are cooked !!!

Friday, 18 November 2011

do you like my plates !!!

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 well hello i have not been away but have had a busy time ,it started with a bed skirt !!(valance)i was looking at the ikea website to see what time they opened and saw a link "how to" that was my downfall we went to ikea bought fabric and ended up with said bedskirt + lined curtains and a duvet cover and pillows all these for my mum she loves them and i am pleased how it all turned out too

i have made more pillows for the bed but after i took the pics !!

i have been trying to get the link for the plates but have ended up with a separate post  just look at it for a bit of quick crafting ,i used pva glue bought at hobby craft and it worked well :))

tomorrow in lanark we are having a christmas market all thing christmas for sale i am hoping for nice ish weather but wont hold my breath on that score :)) will try get some pics .

i am waiting for my friend lynda to come home !!!......................she has been back (home )to the states to get her visa sorted out and she has ,but  has been taxed with bringing back a load of fabric for me !!!will have all that to show you soon!! i met her last new year when she was over visiting her then boyfreind they married in april.i have tried to help her settle in :))

talk soon :))
p.s have posted off my table runner today hope she likes it !!

Make Cute Holiday Fabric Plates Using Mod Podge!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

november already

my how time passes and so quick sometimes feels like we are always on the run up to christmas :))

well what have i been doing as you know me and mum went off for a few days to southport never got in to the quilting shop there that was a pity but i did find a fab shop in chester so i managed to buy my fabric for the table runner after lots of tries i finally decided on a ohio star that i had never made before ...................but it has worked out great  the colours are red green and cream the green is what i would call harrods green if you have been to london you will no doubt have been there and seen their bags (plastic ones) it is all wrapped up and ready to send to ...................................did you think i was going to tell you who !!!the birds are going in the parcel too ,was going to do felt hearts but i had scrps of christmas fabric and they just take scaps to make and are so easy peasy

i have also been busy sewing cushions for christmas !! some of the blocks made for the runner i didnt use also my practice blocks have made fab cushions or pillows depending on where you live :)))as you can see in the top photo it was supposed to be down here but it had a mind of its own and went in up top :((
the deer was found here
and again that is a doddle to make and looks impressive .
almost midnight and i promised myself not to get too engrossed in the computer tonight well i am off will show you some more pics of cushions next time hope not to bore you :))

Saturday, 15 October 2011

an update on my piecing

i have been busy sewing this past few days learning how to piece with Leila at sewn so let me show you what i have been up to !!

sorry there are so many but i just keep going with them i am loving the star of virginia well i am liking all of them i have just done a flying geese it is amazing how they do it .
susan if you are reading this did you see some of your "uglies" in the top pic they are looking good :))

tomorrow i will be getting ready to go away for mon to fri with my mum we will be sight seeing maybe going to liverpool definately going to chester think we will pop into ikea at warrington  i like ikea :)) think i am sad !!
we are going to blackpool and taking a friend out to lunch and think we will be doing a bit of christmas shopping  my brother and his wife are coming up to mum at the end of the month and as we dont see them at christmas we have christmas in october :))so we need to get some pressies for them !!

i am not taking the laptop so wont be back on line till friday night  so see you then !!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Time to start my piecing education :(((

I have found this blog i dont know how i came across it and if i dont bookmark well i would never get there again :)) but thats me !!

made a start on this one 

can you spot the deliberate :))) !!!mistake 
and i thought i had done it so well just shy of 12.5 on one side ,back to try it again if i cant do a log cabin what am i going to be like on stars !!!,
the second photo was my first attempt with pin wheels as you can see i need to concentrate a bit more i just used charm squares that i didnt like that came in a pack.

I also had a go at the house block thinking about the table runner swap i am in with susan

still not sure what i am going to do good job we have plenty of time thanks susan !!
i will put the house on when i upload to the computer !!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

trouble is no place to buy fabric !!

unless you drive 4o miles to get to edinburgh or glasgow a bit more to ayr and guys these are one way !! so what do you do send for stuff on line well thats fine but the colours are always not quite right.

i am going to southport in lancashire on the 17th for 4 nights and have just found what looks like a good quilters shop yay for me so it looks like i will be able to get something for my table runner there !!.back on the 21st gives me a month before i post it off :)) .
i have been stalking my partner so am getting an idea but then she said she would love anything made with her in mind that is sweet of her .

it is a horrible day here today drizzle and cold .though they had snow in the north of scotland this week in the cairngorms good for the skiers :))
dont panic this was taken in 2009 !!

wont be long before we see these dear little chaps popping about hope not with the snow like this pic :)))
i have got a pot on with chicken and i have just put i  some carrots leek onions so it looks like a chicken ish soup instead of chicken and salad my original meal for tonight .

just want to say thank you i now have 7 followers i hope i can find something interesting for you to follow !!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

look at the goodies received today :)))))

 these are from cindy thank you very much ,very unexpected,i know now the fluffy sheep cindy had a moment of madness and i ended up with 3 goodie packs,i was worried that some one was only getting one goodie but cindy had it all in hand and everyone got there goodies .................phew :))
 vanilla spiced chai tea very nice:))
 i have been wanting a needlecase every time i saw one on flickr i said i want one and finally yesterday i said i was going to make my own dont have to now :))cindy put in a cute butterfly pin that is difficult to see on here believe me it is cute :))

zippy purse with little outer pockets as you can see my phone fits so that will be going places with me it will be  very useful.
i have been practicing for the forthcoming
just really to see how things look i think i will have a few mug rugs ready for gifts :)) think it will go ok just a bit nervous about it :))

last thank you to cindy :))

i just found out if you click on the photo it gets bigger go take a look at the butterfly !!!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

susans giveaway

susan at is having a super duper giveaway some fat quarters of punctuation they are looking very tastie
good luck to everyone

i am just trying out posting by e-mail so i have added a photo of a box of birds that i have been making with scraps of fabric :)) they are quite cute.