Friday, 30 March 2012

look what has arrived to these shores !!!!

the postman came today and i am thrilled to get a package from brenda
they are gorgeous wonder what i will make !!!!! it is nice just to look at them !!
these were also in along with the other couldnt let them come on there own could i :))
they are so lovely that starry one is so nice !!
this is the mess off my dyson brush nearly all sewing threads no wonder it was not working right but after that my day went to this
                                                      we went for a long walk with the dogs it was wonderful sun shining quite warm brilliant blue sky
                                                 prickly gorse
                                               woodland tracks
                                           cooling stream for some !!!
                                          the river
a lonely sheep
                                         then i came home and started my next new york beauty
that i have now finished will show you next time hope you all have a good week end linda xx

Saturday, 17 March 2012

could not resist any more !!

i have been looking at this bundle for a couple of days had it in my basket twice then when it jumped in a third time well i couldnt say no to it :)))Posted by Picasa

new york beauty and quarter of a goose !! plus other stuff

well hello everybody i must tell you that is beautiful sunny day here :)))wonderful it is about time !!
i am showing you my 2nd new york beauty as you can see it has a few issues but after showing it to katy she gave me some great tips so now i will put them in to practice for the next block. 
this is a little card wallet that i made from this tutorial i just used charm squares joined 2 together for the outer and inner fabric worked out well slightly bigger not much than the tutorial one ,i have made it for lynda and am making her a pillow for 4th of july the pillow top is below
 this is my first quarter of the flying geese block from again it has issues but i am going to have another go and make sure i place the fabric in the right place :)))
Posted by Picasaleast but not last i had a night out on thursday Katy had invited me to go to the meeting of WCSMQG ,but guess what i made it this month but it was just me and Katy think the date caught everyone out ,in fact if Katy had not e-mailed me i would have thought it was next week too anyhow it was good and i saw her amazing quilt this photo is not showing it off to its best i can tell you it is gorgeous :)))
i have done a few of those sew happy quilt blocks but i was not doing them in a co ordinating fabrics so i think they look too scrappy i must get fabric and do it right :))

i have just started doing a bit of crochet !!! my friend lynda down the road wants to learn how to ......................i have not done any for years so of course i said i will teach you so i have been busy granny squaring also small flower making for a couple of pins to get her going  and to make sure i know what i am doing before the first lesson :)))
you will be seeing pics naxt time !!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

my new york beauty !!!!

this is my first quartier of the new york beauty block i never thought that i would do any of them but it seems that i took the chance and did it !! i know that it is out in the corner :((( 
this is the ring done just looking how it will be when i have the rest done :))) 
i bought some king tut from here and it was very quick to be delivered also i bought at the same time the titanium coated needles spend over £15 for free delivery i suppose i might have got them cheaper elsewhere must admit didnt do a massive search on them the colour of the thread is josephs coat it is varigated . 
then these came :))) i had tried stamping labels but thought they were messy but i have not done any stamping before either :)) i just wanted something to put on stuff that i make i got them here just the standard one they are easy to do and you see them before you order again good service . 
well here is the beauty on its way to being finished i dont know if it will be a wall hanging or cushion ...........prob a cushion  
i used the king tut on it it looks better in real life than any photo  
the center circle.i was left with quite a wide un quilted track so thats how it has got the ziggy zaggy on it ............right i need to get on with some house work :)))Posted by Picasa

Monday, 5 March 2012

Introducing........................ ECHO

i bought a charm pack as  !!!!!
and did not know what i would do with it then the next thing was a dresden ruler after reading this but i still didnt put them together  yet................................. took a while ,but on friday night i made a start and this is how it turned out ,
it is probably old hat to some but i think it has turned out well and i will be doing something else with the dresden again :)))

i put a zip in and i made the piping if i could find the tute i would let you see it it was really amazing how it is done when i find it i will let you have it !!.....................found it
and as you can see i did echo quilting too:)))

i ended up cutting out 3 circles for the middle and non looked good so i used the scraps from cutting the dresdens and put them together and i quilted them .

                                                        this is during the quilting

this is part of the making piping from a 13 and a half inch square makes over 3 yards of bindings :))

                                                          this is it cut

                                             starting to sew it using a zipper foot

                                                                     close up

                                                                           done it !!!

sorry for all the pics and the waffle but i am quite pleased how it turned out  :)))Posted by Picasa

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Mouthy Stitches pouch

just to let you see (again ) my pouch from my partner Laney she is very talented go over and check out her blog :)))

she put in some very nice scraps i love the sunflower scrap so i will be careful to use it just for me !! thank you Laney .

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Thursday, 1 March 2012

mouthy stitches

this is the front of my pouch i hope it is liked i have put in some nice scraps !!

this i the side !!

and the side again !!
i am thinking of putting this in as it matches the bunting and the lining but is this against the rules !!

this pin cushion for me was a block but it all went pear shaped and i didnt make it so have used it for this plus a small pouch >

i have joined the group organised by katy  this is the first block very scrappy but it is all done i love the back of paper pieced blocks they are so neat

weight loss now 14 and a half a pound its going !! Posted by Picasa