Sunday, 26 August 2012

Few Pics from Portugal

this is an early morning walk to the beach at Alvor where we are staying 

the ones below are from our trip to Lisbon
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Friday, 17 August 2012

I Have Joined a Bee :))))

 blocks for Amanda
i have found a bee and this is it it is just star blocks and it sounds just great we are all talking (good) and i have made my first 2 blocks (in the nick of time before we go away on hols) the bottom one is not ironed as every time i plug the iron in it blows the electric i am b thinking  i need a new iron :((((

oh and i am a winner !!!!! of some fugly fabrics from Annabelle go over and have a look :)))

i had been cutting 2 1/2 inch squares and Katy suggested a vomit quilt from katy at im a ginger monkey ,so those fugly fabrics will come in handy as i do not have a unending amount of scraps yet !!!! i have so far made 5 blocks :)))
we are off on saturday but will be taking the lap top so i can keep in touch..............and also need to keep watching for the next round of Mouthy Stitches !!!!!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Burping With My Wellies

i got my wellies on to take the dogs out over the moor didnt bother with socks as it was warm enough !!!
very nice :)))) (£6.99 at aldi )
Well..............................................the whole walk they were making rude noises as my eldest used to say mum i am burping with my bottom :)))))
so that was the sound the whole walk good job i was on my own and the golfers were far enough away not to here me .
Then when i got home i could not get them off we huffed and puffed and pulled thought dave was going to pull my foot off what i am saying no more sockless welly walks .............ok :)))

on saturday while dave was watching the sport i got out my scraps and cut as many 2.1/2inch squares as i could idea why by the way but i am sure they will be used but they are neater and i have slimmed down the scrap box............................but tell me really how small is small and usable !!!!!

then i took it into my head to do a bit of paper piecing and i am sooooo pleased how these turned out the one on the left i used some of my charms !!!

i think i better make some more ............then maybe a quilt i love any thing starry

i guess this is the start of the starry spotty quilt
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