Sunday, 19 February 2012

super dooper christmas fabric !!!!!

this is to say a very big thank you to cindy my very good friend in Iowa i loved a pillow she made for christmas and i tried to get some of the same fabric no luck and guess what a parcel arrived here  and in it that fabric  wow what a girl she is so now i can make the christmas diva pillow :))) just scroll down and you will see what i mean it is gorgeous ...........................also i am hoping we two are going to be like that gal on the cushion by christmas ....................will have to get me a skinny red dress :)))) thank you cindy lots of hugs .
i have made this bag using Ayumis pattern also a small cushion paper pieced using some of cindys fabric that she sent along too,

here they are together well now talk about international ................................usa,britain............russia that is where these are going to be headed my sons girlfriends niece she is 4 yrs old (are you still with me ) liked the cushions that i sent them at christmas so i was asked to make her a small one ..............done so i have made her the bag and i am putting a few goodies in it .
i know i am not a pink girl really this 1000 peeps came in a bargain bundle from brenda puts together some good bundles and i dont think her postage is too bad either .

think that is it for now
no it is not we went to edinburgh yesterday i didnt take my camera as the weather was crap but by the time we got there the sun was out and it was so gorgeous so i took some pics on my phone if i could get them off the phone you would be amazed how sunny it was but i will keep trying .Posted by Picasa

thank you cindy for making my week x x x 


  1. Awwww....Linda!! I just love you!! I can't even begin to tell you how much you make me smile all the time1 :o) and YES!! We WILL be like that little diva on the pillow by Christmas! I LOVE the bag you made. I'm going to have to check that out and make one myself. And the pillow! It is SOO cute!!!! I'm glad to see you've used some of the fabric already! :o) xoxoo

  2. Love the bag and cushion too. Very brave to put up your weight goals - I love the idea and being so very public probably helps to say 'no' to chocolate. Must think about this - I am 5'5" and 11 stone and need to lose lots of flab - no idea of BMI and do not even have a scale. I have been indulging after a year of illness and am getting fatter by the day!

  3. Love that Christmas fabric and Cindy is indeed lovely. And your bag and cushion are gorgeous. Great pressie!!