Wednesday, 18 July 2012

What is it with half square triangles !!!!!

they just seem to want to do there own thing and you do not notice until it is all sewed up ..............................grrrr :)))
i thought i would give a constellation a go as in this one from Hadley (lovely post by the way if you have not seen it )
i have quite a few charms from 3 swaps i was in so that is what i used the block ended up almost 24 inches  ,but look  what they did to me ,i am not going to change it and will make it into a large cushion for himself to park his bum on :))))))

this is my first shot at this type of key fob really great to make and look good to i can see quite a few being made .

this is it till next week taking the machine to mum to do curtains and will come home for a rest !!! see you then x x x x
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  1. Oh I do love it when others make the same mistakes I do. Thanks!! Have a good time at your mum's and I may be on holiday on your return so see you when I see you.

  2. Well having just sewn 35 of the buggers I can say yes, I seriously dislike HSTs, although I've found a preferred method to make them if I absolutely have to!

  3. Love the key fob and the new header. Checking BMI need to say "Lay off the chocolates! - but well done so far"

  4. Love the fob and the block! I can't see the mistakes...just pure beauty!