Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Burping With My Wellies

i got my wellies on to take the dogs out over the moor didnt bother with socks as it was warm enough !!!
very nice :)))) (£6.99 at aldi )
Well..............................................the whole walk they were making rude noises as my eldest used to say mum i am burping with my bottom :)))))
so that was the sound the whole walk good job i was on my own and the golfers were far enough away not to here me .
Then when i got home i could not get them off we huffed and puffed and pulled thought dave was going to pull my foot off what i am saying no more sockless welly walks .............ok :)))

on saturday while dave was watching the sport i got out my scraps and cut as many 2.1/2inch squares as i could idea why by the way but i am sure they will be used but they are neater and i have slimmed down the scrap box............................but tell me really how small is small and usable !!!!!

then i took it into my head to do a bit of paper piecing and i am sooooo pleased how these turned out the one on the left i used some of my charms !!!

i think i better make some more ............then maybe a quilt i love any thing starry

i guess this is the start of the starry spotty quilt
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  1. Phew, no more welly stinky feet either ;o) I think you need to scrap vomit with those squares, ask Katy 'imagingermonkey'

  2. Glad you managed to get those wellies off in the end! I love your star blocks. A quilt of these would be fab!

  3. Love the blocks - and the wellies too - we need them her in London after three months of rain.

  4. Hi again Linda - check out my blog where you have won a prize - please send address privately to me. x

  5. I love these blocks!!! Is there a pattern for them?

  6. OMG!! LOL LOL LOL!!! I love thw welly walk description!!! LOL You just always make me laugh, Linda!! Thank you!!!! And your blocks are BEAUTIFUL!!!