Thursday, 29 September 2011

i bought a book :))

i saw this on amazon last week and i was thinking that i need all the help i can get :))
it was £4.00 inc p+p looked today it is a tenner still free p+p but up six pounds still a bargain if you need one guess i was lucky !!

i went to ikea yesterday,


this is one of the things that i purchased !! £3.99 bargain i thought better than getting the ironing board out for quick pressings while you sew it is in need of a bit more padding but it had a hook to hang it up very crafty these swedes you know :)),i also got some of the magnetic tins that i put on the side of the fridge with spices that i use the most.
feel quite clever :)) managed to put two pics on one post wow no holding me back now !!!

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  1. You are funny! Good Ikea shop then. Success!

  2. I got the quilters bible too recently I got it at a reduced price but not as cheap as you. Amazon is good for bargains.