Saturday, 1 October 2011

new look to a new blog !!!!

this is just to say i have a work in progress at the moment :)) looks like i need to do a lot of down loading an fiddling with photos to get a good header !! we will see .

looking at the t.v the weather down south is gorgeous we have dull, drizzle and totally miserable looking.
must have a photo in............ i made a new dog bed and here is pip trying it out :))

i bought a fleece from dunelm the other day worked well .

today i was sorting out my sewing space :(( as space is all i can call it we have a living room diner so i am a bit cramped.but you know what it is like it seems to get a life of its own and then i have to strangle it back in to containers and baskets .

i bought earlier in the year 2 sets of plastic drawers from "in style" (no they are not )but they have 4 drawers each and i put my laptop on the top so i have an office space too :)))
they are quite usefull till they get full !!
right thats me for now will try to get the new look sorted to night when we have nothing to watch on the telly !!


  1. The blog is looking good - look forward to seeing what else you`s fun playing around with the layout isn`t it? Cute doggies and looks like they are loving the new bed!

  2. When you figure out how to get a new lok you can teach me because my blog is desperate for one!

  3. Our weather has been amazing the last few days. Enjoying it while it lasts! Your little dog looks very cosy. Ros x