Wednesday, 2 November 2011

november already

my how time passes and so quick sometimes feels like we are always on the run up to christmas :))

well what have i been doing as you know me and mum went off for a few days to southport never got in to the quilting shop there that was a pity but i did find a fab shop in chester so i managed to buy my fabric for the table runner after lots of tries i finally decided on a ohio star that i had never made before ...................but it has worked out great  the colours are red green and cream the green is what i would call harrods green if you have been to london you will no doubt have been there and seen their bags (plastic ones) it is all wrapped up and ready to send to ...................................did you think i was going to tell you who !!!the birds are going in the parcel too ,was going to do felt hearts but i had scrps of christmas fabric and they just take scaps to make and are so easy peasy

i have also been busy sewing cushions for christmas !! some of the blocks made for the runner i didnt use also my practice blocks have made fab cushions or pillows depending on where you live :)))as you can see in the top photo it was supposed to be down here but it had a mind of its own and went in up top :((
the deer was found here
and again that is a doddle to make and looks impressive .
almost midnight and i promised myself not to get too engrossed in the computer tonight well i am off will show you some more pics of cushions next time hope not to bore you :))


  1. I stopped by your blog today.

  2. Linda!! Your blogs posts are never a bore. You are doing AWESOME with your piecing. I am so proud of you!! And I dearly love those birds. They are adorable! YOU GO GIRL!! Thanks for sharing so much of what you do. It's very inspiring. (((BIG HUG TO YOU!)))

  3. Beautiful cushions Linda - you`ve put me in a Christmassy mood!

  4. Love that your blocks not used became wonderful cushions. I am sure your partner will love your runner as well. Even if I can only see a little!!

    Oh, and I love the new photo in the header!

  5. Linda~
    Those pillows look great!! Thanks for the links to the birds and the deer... I cant wait to make some of my own! But alas, I must first quilt my are such a speedy girl!