Wednesday, 23 November 2011

christmas cake

this is the start of christmas when you get going with the baking !!!the cakes are in the oven i have gone with delias classic christmas cake and instead of doing round or square with icing i have used loaf tins .............this is how we used to have christmas cake in yorkshire when i was growing up no icing or marzipan so i am going "retro" much better to slice too ...............not that i have done it for a while .

i will be back later when they are cooked !!!


  1. Hope you have the bottle of sherry by your side as you do this! (For the cake of course!)

  2. Looks delicious! I can almost smell it from here :)

  3. send me some, will ya, Linda???? lol I am hungry and that looks a bit yummy!!!

  4. I have just made mincemeat dried fruit, cooking apples and spices soaked in brandy.

    I will make a Christmas cake too soon!