Tuesday, 22 May 2012

just a few photos :)) and toothache :((((

hello i have got toothache it started yesterday and i have been to see the dentist today i have a infection under a tooth that has been filled and filled over the years  so i am on anti biotics and pain killers that are not working and i will be having a root filling when it is all cleared up cant wait :)))

these are some of my fabric bundles that i have been buying above are linen type and some lovely lace trim.

some british fabric

some cute stuff 
crocheted jar cover 

hexies a portable project for me .

a pin 

cute bowl

and again

and a basket
just trying a few things that would be good as gifts

going to go and take something for the pain and try get some sleep
talk soon :))))
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  1. Sorry about the tooth. Hope they can sort it soon. And haven't you been buying some gorgeous fabrics, and crocheting lovely things!

  2. Yes I missed you but you sure have been busy since you came back. Love the fabrics.

  3. Owie, hope the pain killers kick in soon! Yummy fabrics anyway :o)