Wednesday, 27 March 2013

New to Me !! March

soap making
Not great pics but  well i will blame the light at this time of year!!
i have been making soaps ........not with great vats of boiling stull just melt and pour i bought all my tuff from ebay and that was it follow the instuction and marvell how many you get out of a quarter of your  block 
soap making
some lovely cellophane bags a bit of ribbon and they look fab ......................thinking of small things for christmas....................i am linking this up tt Fiona
paper piecing boot
Paper Piecing again this can be found Here in Tutorials it is tricky but well worth it you ask why is she doing all these !!,.................probably  not ............FMQ practice so i have something at the end
and it is working !! 
rpaper pieced seam ripper
these two found
they are free for the month they are published then they go on to be sold on Craftsy 9 altogether i missed the first so will buy that to finish off the set .
paper pieced cotton reels .....spools
Now this i put together wrong the red should be leaning on the yellow not fliying and the strip of spots should be background !! hey ho didnt notice till i had bound it .............oh dear :))
paper pieced new york beauty for a swap
This is the so far of my MSMS3 swap i dont know if it will be a wall hanging or pillow cover yet 
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  1. Wow! All those blocks are amazing, Linda. You paper piece so well.

  2. Soap making is on my long list of things to try!

    Love your boot block, would have been perfect for our Star of Africa Bee, the Queen Bee in January asked for shoes.

    Thanks for linking up to New to Me too.

  3. Good to see you've been keeping busy :o)

  4. You really do paper piece amazingly! I've always wanted to make soap - perhaps I will one day :)

  5. So many blocks and I love your NY Beauty :)

  6. You're making soaps now too? I love it!! And I love your paper piecing blocks. they turned out beautifully!