Friday, 1 March 2013


Well i was going to tell you all about my new sewing machine but i got all involved in scrapping i saw this post and i just got going !!
These 3 are the first that i made .....................i use printing paper not fancy pants stuff that costs !! just use a small stitch so it tears easy ,these are sewn together  

Now these below are made in the same way but i used one sheet of paper for  4 blocks quick and easy to do
the  Quality St is empty by the way :)))))

dont you think they are cute

I have made 16 today !!!

and busted a lot of scraps :)))

so it is a w.i.p and hopefully one day it might be a quilt .............for free !! now that i like :))

I have been wanting one of these ,do you see that i have put the bit round the rim on the out side instead of the inside ...............i dont seem to be able to read the pattern started putting it in the right place thought it was wrong then re-read after !!and it should be inside oh well looks ok this is the pattern Here

By the way this is the new machine and so far i love it ,love the thread cutter it is great not having all those threads when paper piecing it has got loads of fancy stuff good size throat 9 1/2 inchesi have been using it just over a week so lots to learn yet and will let you know what i like or dont like soon but so far all good i read loads of reviews till my eyes crossed for all manner of machine it is not easy to is quiet too

linda x
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  1. Oh, you should never apologise for being distracted by fabric! I love how this machine makes you a queen too :oD

  2. Oh look at you!!! LOVE the new machine! And I love what you're making. How did you know I want one of the pin cushion, thread catcher thingys. :) Great post, Linda!!

  3. Congrats on your new machine - I can't live without a thread cutter now. It's the simple things. Great herringbone blocks!

  4. I really love your scrap blocks! Thanks for the link, I surely will take a closer look at that link. I have lots of scraps, and I think I'm not the only one. Have fun with your new machine!

  5. Scrappy gorgeousness!

  6. Another useful link :) - H and I need to make one of those thingys to sit by the sewing machine to hold the scraps / pins / scissors etc. I also like the herringbone scrappy blocks. Was nice to quilt with you on International Quilting Day - am looking forward to your finished tree! Davina