Monday, 10 October 2011

Time to start my piecing education :(((

I have found this blog i dont know how i came across it and if i dont bookmark well i would never get there again :)) but thats me !!

made a start on this one 

can you spot the deliberate :))) !!!mistake 
and i thought i had done it so well just shy of 12.5 on one side ,back to try it again if i cant do a log cabin what am i going to be like on stars !!!,
the second photo was my first attempt with pin wheels as you can see i need to concentrate a bit more i just used charm squares that i didnt like that came in a pack.

I also had a go at the house block thinking about the table runner swap i am in with susan

still not sure what i am going to do good job we have plenty of time thanks susan !!
i will put the house on when i upload to the computer !!


  1. Your welcome! (Grinning widely here!)

  2. Lots of interesting shapes and colours. Like the first one.

  3. I'm glad you found the site!!! Welcome! :)