Saturday, 8 October 2011

trouble is no place to buy fabric !!

unless you drive 4o miles to get to edinburgh or glasgow a bit more to ayr and guys these are one way !! so what do you do send for stuff on line well thats fine but the colours are always not quite right.

i am going to southport in lancashire on the 17th for 4 nights and have just found what looks like a good quilters shop yay for me so it looks like i will be able to get something for my table runner there !!.back on the 21st gives me a month before i post it off :)) .
i have been stalking my partner so am getting an idea but then she said she would love anything made with her in mind that is sweet of her .

it is a horrible day here today drizzle and cold .though they had snow in the north of scotland this week in the cairngorms good for the skiers :))
dont panic this was taken in 2009 !!

wont be long before we see these dear little chaps popping about hope not with the snow like this pic :)))
i have got a pot on with chicken and i have just put i  some carrots leek onions so it looks like a chicken ish soup instead of chicken and salad my original meal for tonight .

just want to say thank you i now have 7 followers i hope i can find something interesting for you to follow !!


  1. Gorgeous photo, and love finding new quilt/fabric shops. Have fun!! Chicken soup sounds yummy. Your header photo is just gorgeous.

  2. Love the photo! like your header photo too. soups sounds good.

  3. Wow, Linda! Looks like you just hit the jackpot with this quilt shop. I think you should find some great fabrics there. And your blog is great! Can't wait to see what you bring back from you trip!

  4. Happy shopping! Enjoy your trip when you go.