Wednesday, 14 December 2011

been busy !!

well it is almost christmas ..............hope you are ready i just have a few things to do wrapping and stuff like that  this santa i have carted about for years so i burned him up last night he lasted about an hour,he was looking a bit bashed !!

this is a gift in a jar foundhere i have made it for davids cousin she bakes quite a bit,the jar is a large morrisons coffer jar think i will be saving them over the next few months then i can make more for next week it should have been just choc chio cookies but i didnt have enough so i put in fudge pieces :))) made and printed up the lable and instuctions !!

this is how santa should look ..............putting a little HO HO HO INTO christmas!!

looking though some of my cook books this fell outi was given it when we lived in London by an american gal who lived near us i googled it yesterday and i was amazed that there are so many variations loving the sound of brownie and the pecan versions (click the pic to see it better )

just needed i little colour pushed a few fairy lights in a vase it looks very good and festive

me and mum are going shopping in the morning for a last round up of things i suppose we will buy more than we need !! depending !!Posted by Picasa


  1. You burned Santa!!!!!!!!

    Hope you survived the shopping and your house and your blog are looking very festive indeed. Love it!

  2. Linda! Your blog looks great! And you have been one busy gal. Sorry poor Santa didn't last The vase is beautiful! It all looks awesome!!