Sunday, 4 December 2011

quiltie things

                            i have been sewing these blocks on and off over the summer then i signed up for the mug rug swap also the christmas table runner so it got put on hold till thursday when i put it together and quilted it ...........managed to get it bound friday it has really turned out well nothing fancy but i am pleased with the random colours love it i made it from here                                                           

this is my table runner from denise in florida looks good on my table :))

and this is our snow this morning we have had more since then and it is freezing now so will still be with us tomorrow and more forcast

have not done any sewing today but have been doing a lot of sorting out for christmas making space ond moving things around also cleaning gotta be done :((


  1. No snow here. Or sewing either! Love the checkerboard pattern in the different colours. Isn't it great when something you have worked on for a while comes together nicely?!

  2. I love your checkerboard quilt and the table looks lovely!

  3. I love the quilt! Can't believe your weather!! Please keep it and do NOT send it here. lol

  4. Love your quilt blocks colour and the table runner. The snow picture looks lovely no snow in Cornwall yet.

  5. Look at you go, Linda! And I will agree with can feel free to keep you weather. :o) Love all your squares you've been sewing and your table runner is perfect for your house!