Wednesday, 7 December 2011

new in today !!!

these are some of the fabrics brought home for me from the u.s.a by my friend lynda she has been home to sort out her visa for here as she has married a scot and wants to make her home here any how she has got her visa she was telling me today right across the passport is "no access to public funds " she has now to get a N.I number and she can then register with the doctor .she is so pleased to be back and all legal :)).............well back to the main event i ordered these from i think it was a stash builder not incuding  the hometown .

these are from pleasanthome have you been to jodies blog these were in her sale dont know what i am going to do with them yet !!

these are pink castle again christmas but not christmas fabrics

and another selection they are all gorgeous the white one on the right has white printing on it  and is really lovely,and then the ruler think it will come in handy for fussy cuts seeing as i am not really up to cutting that good :))

i also have a selection of autumn and christmas fabrics  too all in hancocks sale love it.

think i have done really well hope she asks me again is there anything you want me to bring you back !!
one more thing a huge roll of reynolds freezer paper too

lucky me "thank you" lynda !!
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  1. Those fabrics are GREAT! I have ordered from Jodi before too. Love her!! And her blog is SO helpful. Looks like you have enough fabric to start keeping you out of trouble! LOL Have fun, Linda!! xoxo

  2. Great haul. Happy you to have new fabric and your friend back!