Wednesday, 25 January 2012

bit of sewing

little wallet found here was really easy to put together it is just the right size to take passports and all the bits you need when you travel i think i would make it a tad (not much though) bigger if i do it again .

this is me doing my zip end this is the best i have ever done them

my charm pack ,think i like most of these fabrics particularly the one on the top and the others like it !!

i have finished yet another zippy something so small is giving me grief ,make one then make another and another think i will be ready to do another tomorrow ,i love this last one with the bunting on and i have put a initial on the back too if i dont send it i will have to find someone with that initial !!! :)))))

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  1. Your zipper looks perfect! Lovely wallet.

  2. I love these charm squares and the zippy things look so good - I find zip ends so difficult. I practice on g/kids - small purses with money in them are soooo welcome! Thanks for kind words. Really need them! xx