Wednesday, 25 January 2012

scrappy zippies

i bought a charm pack of echo it has 20 charms in it so i thought i would get on with some practice for   turned out really cute but not big enough for my phone
but i will use it even for change !!

then i made a panel curtain for the kitchen of the chilie fabric from ben i like it as i also have chilie lights on one of my cupboards

now just to let you know i have lost 4 1/4 lb this week i have updated my ticker ,i think i might have gone over board with how much i want to lose think i would be a size 8 at the end of it i am size16 now all these sizes are british sizes !! anyhow i am quite pleased with my progress so far see what next wednesday brings !!  Posted by Picasa


  1. Love your scrappy echo purses and congrats on the weight loss - take it easy though...we don`t want you sliding under the door!

  2. Love your purses. What a great idea to use charms. Congrats on your weight loss but, as Anabella says, don't over do it:)