Thursday, 12 January 2012

Mouthy Stitches

Mouthy Stitches by Flying Blind On A Rocket Cycle
Mouthy Stitches, a photo by Flying Blind On A Rocket Cycle on Flick
i just want to say that i am in the Mouthy Stitches swap  and i am really looking forward to it  kicking off so far we have all just signed up and it is fun fun fun ,thank you susan,cindy and hadley .
these are my choices for my mosaic ,we are making a zippy wallet ,pouch ,clutch ..........whatever you call it we are doing it !!!

i am linking with cindy here we are going to be dieting............ now that i have got all my new year stuff out of the way i will be getting weighed on wednesdays .............aftermy weekend away i had put on 1lb 3/4 so i hope that by next wednesday i will have lost that !! we are going to portugal in august so that is my goal (new swimsuit ) also my birthday is 2nd july so i need to eat cake then :)))
the funny thing is cindy has her birthday on the 7th of july no wonder we really get on :))), make sure you read the post from cindy it is moving !!
this is me sorry that i have my coat on but it is cold up here :))))
this was taken at Gretna Green ....................we were not getting married again just stopping in to take a look after 23 years of going up and down the M74 this is the first time we have called in .
i want to show you the fabrics that ben and his girlfriend sent me from Moscow for christmas i hope to use some maybe for the swap !!! but i will put that in the next post !!!


  1. Hee Hee! You've got to admit - it's a great swap name.

  2. LINDA!!!! You look great!!!! I am so excited you are doing this with me. You are such a sweetie! And we are going to have a great celebration on our birthdays this year!! xoxoxo

  3. Dear Linda, Love the picture - is this where you live? If so lucky you. Thank you for visiting my blog, which is pretty dormant at present as having the house decorated and carpeted and all my craft stuff is packed away until whenever! Hence the animal blog.
    I also need to diet - had a dreadful illness last year and lost three stone but am busy piling it back on. I am 5'5" and 11 stone and want to be under 10 - not sure how to go about it as love cheese and wine! xx

  4. Love your mosaic. I decided not to join any swaps for the moment but I'm looking forward to seeing what you all make:)