Monday, 23 January 2012

bought this last week from
only to find out that you really need a speicial ruler for cutting ................if you are confident no but i dont want to ruin it from the start so sent off for the ruler and guess what ........................out of stock but they didnt say that as i was ordering only when i checked up to find out where it was as it seemed i could get zips from quicker than an order from sussex !!!!!!

bought these in a sale cannot remember whose but they are nice and will add nicely to my stash a roo :))

this is flannel to make scarves with prob next winter now!!

this was a practice zippy  plus a bag roll everything is in it and now i can find whatever i am looking for
this is it all rolled and ready to go  i found it here happy sewing girls
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  1. Well look at you, Linda!! I LOVE the little pouch you made! I LOVE the book and fabric you bought too. Isn't it fun? Too bad you didn't know about the ruler. It stinks when that happens. I hope you have a great evening!! xoxo

  2. I cannot believe that they didn't bother telling you that it wasn't in stock until you called to check! Very poor customer service. That bag roll is a good idea. Wonder if I will EVER be that organised?!