Monday, 5 March 2012

Introducing........................ ECHO

i bought a charm pack as  !!!!!
and did not know what i would do with it then the next thing was a dresden ruler after reading this but i still didnt put them together  yet................................. took a while ,but on friday night i made a start and this is how it turned out ,
it is probably old hat to some but i think it has turned out well and i will be doing something else with the dresden again :)))

i put a zip in and i made the piping if i could find the tute i would let you see it it was really amazing how it is done when i find it i will let you have it !!.....................found it
and as you can see i did echo quilting too:)))

i ended up cutting out 3 circles for the middle and non looked good so i used the scraps from cutting the dresdens and put them together and i quilted them .

                                                        this is during the quilting

this is part of the making piping from a 13 and a half inch square makes over 3 yards of bindings :))

                                                          this is it cut

                                             starting to sew it using a zipper foot

                                                                     close up

                                                                           done it !!!

sorry for all the pics and the waffle but i am quite pleased how it turned out  :)))Posted by Picasa


  1. Oh that really is lovely. Thanks for the tutorial - I even think that I can follow that one! xx

  2. Linda!! This is GORGEOUS!!!! You now...I bought a dresden ruler quite a while ago and haven't used it yet. I think I just might treat myself to a night in my sewing room tonight and try it out. You have inspired me!!

  3. It looks fab, great way to use the Echo

  4. Linda, that cushion is gorgeous and I have never tried piping in my life but you almost make me believe I could do it without swearing!

  5. Linda, your cushion is beautiful.