Saturday, 17 March 2012

new york beauty and quarter of a goose !! plus other stuff

well hello everybody i must tell you that is beautiful sunny day here :)))wonderful it is about time !!
i am showing you my 2nd new york beauty as you can see it has a few issues but after showing it to katy she gave me some great tips so now i will put them in to practice for the next block. 
this is a little card wallet that i made from this tutorial i just used charm squares joined 2 together for the outer and inner fabric worked out well slightly bigger not much than the tutorial one ,i have made it for lynda and am making her a pillow for 4th of july the pillow top is below
 this is my first quarter of the flying geese block from again it has issues but i am going to have another go and make sure i place the fabric in the right place :)))
Posted by Picasaleast but not last i had a night out on thursday Katy had invited me to go to the meeting of WCSMQG ,but guess what i made it this month but it was just me and Katy think the date caught everyone out ,in fact if Katy had not e-mailed me i would have thought it was next week too anyhow it was good and i saw her amazing quilt this photo is not showing it off to its best i can tell you it is gorgeous :)))
i have done a few of those sew happy quilt blocks but i was not doing them in a co ordinating fabrics so i think they look too scrappy i must get fabric and do it right :))

i have just started doing a bit of crochet !!! my friend lynda down the road wants to learn how to ......................i have not done any for years so of course i said i will teach you so i have been busy granny squaring also small flower making for a couple of pins to get her going  and to make sure i know what i am doing before the first lesson :)))
you will be seeing pics naxt time !!

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  1. You have some great makes there, and hope the curve clipping eased your block nicely :o) Was great to meet you on Thursday!