Friday, 30 March 2012

look what has arrived to these shores !!!!

the postman came today and i am thrilled to get a package from brenda
they are gorgeous wonder what i will make !!!!! it is nice just to look at them !!
these were also in along with the other couldnt let them come on there own could i :))
they are so lovely that starry one is so nice !!
this is the mess off my dyson brush nearly all sewing threads no wonder it was not working right but after that my day went to this
                                                      we went for a long walk with the dogs it was wonderful sun shining quite warm brilliant blue sky
                                                 prickly gorse
                                               woodland tracks
                                           cooling stream for some !!!
                                          the river
a lonely sheep
                                         then i came home and started my next new york beauty
that i have now finished will show you next time hope you all have a good week end linda xx


  1. Lucky old you, big parcel of goodies AND a day off to play in the sun! Looking forward to seeing your NYB completed...

  2. That is a gorgeous bundle of fabric, Linda! I esp. like the starry one, too.. along with the dots of course. I love dots! Looks like you had a great day after that. Love the pic of your dog cooling himself off. :o)

  3. Lovely stuff - don't you just love the postman? xx