Thursday, 1 March 2012

mouthy stitches

this is the front of my pouch i hope it is liked i have put in some nice scraps !!

this i the side !!

and the side again !!
i am thinking of putting this in as it matches the bunting and the lining but is this against the rules !!

this pin cushion for me was a block but it all went pear shaped and i didnt make it so have used it for this plus a small pouch >

i have joined the group organised by katy  this is the first block very scrappy but it is all done i love the back of paper pieced blocks they are so neat

weight loss now 14 and a half a pound its going !! Posted by Picasa


  1. Your pouch is lovely Linda - I wonder what the `K` stands for??

  2. Ooh, great job on the pouch, lucky K!

    Glad you joined us on the FPPFTT :o)

    Congrats on the weight loss!

  3. Wonderful pouch - very Poppy Treffry - lucky partner. Going really well with the weight loss - well done! xx

  4. Well,the K isn't for Sarah is it. LOL Your pouch is sooo cute and I love the pin cushion!!!! Great job!

  5. LOVE your pouch, Linda! And thanks for the link for the paper piecing. I am going to give that a try. I've only done that once and need a lot more experience, so I will hop on over and check it now. But first...I have to read your other blog post about your trip. :o)