Saturday, 10 March 2012

my new york beauty !!!!

this is my first quartier of the new york beauty block i never thought that i would do any of them but it seems that i took the chance and did it !! i know that it is out in the corner :((( 
this is the ring done just looking how it will be when i have the rest done :))) 
i bought some king tut from here and it was very quick to be delivered also i bought at the same time the titanium coated needles spend over £15 for free delivery i suppose i might have got them cheaper elsewhere must admit didnt do a massive search on them the colour of the thread is josephs coat it is varigated . 
then these came :))) i had tried stamping labels but thought they were messy but i have not done any stamping before either :)) i just wanted something to put on stuff that i make i got them here just the standard one they are easy to do and you see them before you order again good service . 
well here is the beauty on its way to being finished i dont know if it will be a wall hanging or cushion ...........prob a cushion  
i used the king tut on it it looks better in real life than any photo  
the center circle.i was left with quite a wide un quilted track so thats how it has got the ziggy zaggy on it ............right i need to get on with some house work :)))Posted by Picasa


  1. That is lovely Linda, and the tread works really well. xx

  2. That looks absolutely brilliant! I have some King Tut variegated thread and love it. It looks great the way you have quilted it.

  3. Congrats on your beauty, great job :o)

  4. You are amazing!!!!! I am so impressed by you, Linda! You really inspire me! I have got to get busy!

  5. Holy cow, Linda! I can't believe all the stuff you're trying. Sarah is ARE amazing!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  6. Gorgeous colours! I really love your cushion!!! Well, that's what I'm voting for anyway ;-)